Run team building workshops like a pro!

You can join this rare opportunity of developing yourself into an effective team building facilitator. On November 14-16, 2013, Starfisher Asia will hold a team building facilitators bootcamp. In this bootcamp you will learn what every creative facilitators need to know,  rapid instructional design, and run live team building workshops.  Learn more about the Bootcamp.

Professional Team Building Facilitators in the Philippines

The Philippine Professional Team Building Facilitators run team building programs that really work. The Team Builders are experienced team leaders and facilitators. You can get them to run your next team building programs. You can learn more the team building workshops. You can also be part of the team if you believe you have what it takes… Continue reading Professional Team Building Facilitators in the Philippines

Originally posted on Shiny Eyes:
The 3-day Team Building Facilitators bootcamp will set the standards for all genuine team building exercises in the Philippines. The number of participants is limited. Each will have the opportunity to learn rapid instructional design. This module is the most beneficial. The participants will be able to come up with…

Why you must explore team development programs

You cannot solve all team problems by simply conducting a yearly team building exercise. I conducting facilitating team building for companies since 2004 and I realized that most companies waste time, effort, and money for team building exercises that do not build teams. I invite you to consider a team development program for your teams.… Continue reading Why you must explore team development programs