Exercising to Build Teams

What do you expect to happen in your team building?

They typical answer is to play games. Because every team building facilitator made them play games.  But playing games will not build a team.

Team building is about building teamwork muscles. You’ve got to exercises to build team muscles. Your team building exercises must be opportunities for deliberate practice of whatever teamwork muscles you need to learn. The operational phrase is deliberate practice.

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Run team building workshops like a pro!

You can join this rare opportunity of developing yourself into an effective team building facilitator. On November 14-16, 2013, Starfisher Asia will hold a team building facilitators bootcamp. In this bootcamp you will learn what every creative facilitators need to know,  rapid instructional design, and run live team building workshops.  Learn more about the Bootcamp.

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Updates on Team Bootcamp

Shiny Eyes

The 3-day Team Building Facilitators bootcamp will set the standards for all genuine team building exercises in the Philippines.

The number of participants is limited. Each will have the opportunity to learn rapid instructional design. This module is the most beneficial. The participants will be able to come up with appropriate activities to address specific team competencies.

The venue will be Gratchi’s Getaway in Tagaytay City. The completion of the facilities is in progress and I am giving them my two-cents worth of advice. I suggest that you visit the website of Gratchi’s and inquire about their services. It will surely worth your while.

There are five more days before we close the registration of the Bootcamp. Why not join us? You will learn valuable skills, and you will have the chance to earn more.

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Why you must explore team development programs

You cannot solve all team problems by simply conducting a yearly team building exercise. I conducting facilitating team building for companies since 2004 and I realized that most companies waste time, effort, and money for team building exercises that do not build teams.

I invite you to consider a team development program for your teams. The program goesbeyond playing games and training. It is focused on delivering results. We ofthis our team development services to companies that value people excellence.

When you are ready to invest in a result-oriented and measurable team development program, contact us here.

Are you looking for team building facilitators in the Philippines? Contact us.

One can hardly pick up a magazine or a newspaper without reading a report that some company has doubled its productivity, increased efficiency five-fold, decreased error rates to Six Sigma, or increased profits by 60 percent— all due to—you’ve got it—teamwork!

Yet teamwork is one of those things that we seem to do more talking about than acting on. It seems we’ve moved into the 21st Century still trying to figure out how to build a highly productive team. We still ask: How can a team improve its effectiveness? and Can team building actually improve a team’s performance?

The answer is yes. And we can help you. When you need a experts on team building facilitation in the Philippines, you may contact me here.


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jefmenguin.com Write Your Comments Contest

This is the contest that I promised to announce on Tuesday (August 23) which is open to all the blog subscribers and blog readers of jefmenguin.com. The contest is from August 23 to 30. The winner will be announced on August 31 through this website. Also, the winner will be informed by way of email.

The Purpose

The purpose of the contest is to encourage my readers to explore the personal development and leadership articles of  jefmenguin.com  blog. Every time I start writing, I always aspire to create something of value for my readers. This time, I want to encourage you my readers and subscribers (who I assume are readers too!) to speak your mind and write your comments. The world needs your voice so I encourage you to speak up.

How Can You Join?
1. You read the articles in this website and write your comments. One valid comment is one entry to the contest. 100 valid comments mean 100 entries. To jumpstart this contest, I have written  10 article links below. You may comment on any article in this website.
2. Valid comments are those which are related to the topic (spammers will not win!), and must be at least thirty words.
3. Duplicate comments are not allowed. This means that you cannot make the same comments for more than one article. I know that you will not do that, I just need to specify for creative contestants around.
4. You must use only one name if you intend to make more than one comment. I am encouraging you to reveal the real you because that is what jefmenguin.com is all about.

How to Choose the Winners
1. Remille, my secretary, will monitor your comment. The first comment that we approve on Tuesday will be comment #1 and the second will be #2 and so on. We don’t have to show you all the number owners, but trust us. We are doing this to inspire you to comment and to have fun here.
2. My reply to your comments and to those who belong to Starfisher Asia (my company) are not counted.
3. To determine the winner, we shall use http://www.random.org/

And the Prize is

You shall get the handsome amount of 1000 pesos for sharing your ideas. We will not charge you anymore for your education here. Hehe. I shall be depositing the money to your paypal or gcash account. If you are my neighbor, I shall drop by and congratulate you.

Jumpstart Articles

It is when you are down that you’ve got to persist

Four Ways to be a Star at Work

7 Simple Steps to Push Yourself to the Top

Expect a Miracle!

Work Only for the Best

Do you think that seminars and workshops will always solve your problems with your employees? Think again.

Do you inspire your people to choose excellence everyday?

The World Does Not Owe You Anything

24 Tips for Confident Speaking

Remember that stress is an attitude

Speak Your mind, share your thoughts, and tell your friends about this contest.

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How to improve your skills on the job?

In our Winners@Work  workshops,  we encourage participants to explore more ways to grow themselves professionally.  Public seminars and the in-house professional development programs that we provide to various companies in the Philippines only supplement the existing training programs of the organization. In the absence of an on-going and consistent professional development programs, the impact of seminars and workshops will simply be small and short-lived. 

We suggest ways for them to improve their skills on  the job. I wrote six ways that you may also use. I suggest that you read it here.

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Leadership Speaker and Motivational Speaker in Subic, Zambales

So far, I have conducted one customer service training, three team building programs, one motivational speaking, and two leadership seminars in Subic, Zambales. Besides Batangas, Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao, Subic is the next place where I am likely go. In fact, I have two programs in the next two months which shall be conducted in Subic.

It is likely that I have not yet fully explored Subic. There are many more beaches and restaurants that I have not seen. I will keep on going back to Subic to deliver inspirational talks and leadership seminars. I am sure of that.

So, I am placing Subic as the 11th city in my count. Eigthy nine more cities and I shall be able to complete the list of 100 cities where I have delivered inspirational speeches.

How can you help? Bring us to your organization and refer us to company owners and events organizers who are looking for motivational speakers or inspirational speakers.

You may also share to them this page – 21 Team Building Workshops in the Philippines – so that they will see for themselves how we can provide the participants the biggest opportunities to grow and be inspired.

For your inquiries, you may contact Joy or Carmen through joy.buena@starfisher. com and carmen.casto@jefmenguin.com

You may also contact 0927 4292986

Let us see each other in Subic, Zambales